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·  BUILT-IN KEYBOARD SELECTION SWITCH. My First Keyboard has two connection ports and a built-in switch. These features allow the adult keyboard to be plugged directly into My First Keyboard and enables use of either keyboard without unplugging cables.

·  DURABLE MEMBRANE SWITCH SURFACE. My First Keyboard is extremely durable with no moving parts to break. The surface is built with a life expectancy of over 1,000,000 actuations making Kidtech's keyboard very durable for young children. Test marketing showed that young children made deliberate selections on this type of keyboard surface instead of just banging regular movable keys like other keyboards. This deliberate selection of specific keys facilitates early learning.

·  SPILL-PROOF KEYBOARD SURFACE. Kidtech's keyboard is the only membrane switch keyboard with unique features designed especially for young children. This membrane switch surface allows My First Keyboard to be spill-proof and peanut butter proof!

·  LARGE COLOR CODED KEYS. Kidtech made My First Keyboard easier for younger children to interface with the computer by enlarging the key size for smaller hands and significantly reducing the number of keys on the keyboard. My First Keyboard, with only 55 keys, includes the alphabet in order, numbers from 0-9, and shapes. Young children quickly learn that the letters are the "yellow" keys while the numbers are the "green" keys. This color coding also gives the child easy key recognition at an early age.

·  LIMITED CONTROL KEYS. My First Keyboard has only those function keys that, if pressed inadvertently will not harm important files or programs.

·  DELAYED KEYBOARD START UP. Kidtech has built in a delay during computer start-up which allows the computer to go through the normal start-up procedures without interruption or harm to the files and programs already on the system.

·  "ONE PUSH, ONE RESPONSE" TECHNOLOGY. Kidtech built in a "one push, one response" system for all keys except the arrow keys since children tend to push a key and hold it causing multiple inputs and jamming. The "one push, one response" feature eliminates key input jamming. Other products do not have the "one push, one response" feature.

·  AUDIO FEEDBACK. As a child pushes a key on My First Keyboard, an audio response also occurs allowing the child to hear a beep that tells them the key has been pushed. This audio feedback also facilitates early learning.

·  DOES NOT REQUIRE SOFTWARE TO OPERATE. My First Keyboard is designed for children 1 1/2 to 5 and does not require additional software to operate.

·  INCLUDES KEYBOARD EXTENSION CABLE AND PS/2 ADAPTERS. All cables provided for IBM and PC compatible computer systems.

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"Prescott Maynard [inventor's 2 year old son] can zip from nap to his own net world in next to nano-seconds." Charlotte Crane, Pensacola News Journal

"It's peanut butter proof!" Frank Ruiz, The Tampa Tribune

"Kids love bright colors almost as much as they love grown-ups' stuff. The keyboard is flat, spillproof and has fewer and bigger keys for smaller hands." Military Exchange Magazine, March 1995

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